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Kindergarten Registration


Registration packets for next year's kindergarten students are available in the Main Office from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. If you cannot stop in to pick one up, please call 603-775-8946 to make other arrangements. Learn more on our New Students page.

NH State Senator Visits MSS

As a part of the second-grade science curriculum, the students in 2MC/P became aware of how the environment affects the lives of various animals. As a result, they became interested in conservation. Using Project Based Learning concepts, the class decided to complete a project based upon their interest. Past classes have selected projects that influenced the school administrators, teachers, and students to become more aware of the impact certain school practices have on the environment.

This year's group of enthusiastic students were interested in trying to make community changes. They embraced the idea of protecting the ocean and its animals by encouraging local restaurants to limit the number of Styrofoam containers used by customers and eliminate the number of plastic bags used in Exeter. They also encouraged Main Street School to begin composting.

They researched the issues surrounding these topics and secured with parental help a knowledgeable speaker, who ignited their passion for the project. They wrote opinion essay and letters which were sent to the Exeter Select Board, State Representatives and Senators, and local businesses. State Senator Morgan and State Representative Grossman visited the classroom to hear the students' concerns.

Senator Jon Morgan

May 8th Open Circle Luncheon

Students at Main Street School and Lincoln Street School are looking forward to participating in the “Get Fit in May” Fun Runs and 5k Road Race on Saturday, May 18th. We encourage all students and families to join us for this wonderful event. There will be many fun activities during this morning including music, mascots, face-painting, and refreshments. Proceeds will benefit the Main Street and Lincoln Street Schools. We look forward to seeing everyone there! Please visit for more information.

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January Open Circle Luncheon

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