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Principal's September 2015 Newsletter


August 28, 2015


Hello Main Street School Families,

  We are ready and excited to both greet and welcome your children to school.   The first day of school brings with it both excitement and some nervous anticipation.  Dr. Seuss said,  “You are off to great places.  Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”  Next week your child will be saying goodbye to you and summer and walking with us inside.  It can be bittersweet to see your child is growing up.  Often that separation is harder for the adult than it is for the child.  Thank you for sharing them with us.   We look forward to helping them become important members of their classroom and the MSS community.

New Playground and Parking Lot-  A very visible and exciting change to MSS is the new parking lot and playground.  I tell children that I have two important jobs.  One is to help them learn and the other is to keep them safe.  The thing that pleases me most about this new playground design is how it has significantly increased the safety of the children.  They will no longer have to be asked each day to double check for cars as they cross the parking lot to get to the playground.  There will be a separate place for buses to drop off and pick up children.  Also, additional parking spaces will make it easier to visit our school.  This fall we will be adding a black chain link fence around the perimeter of the playground, new swings will be installed, and we will be installing some special benches called “buddy benches.”   I thank the Exeter School Board, Associate Superintendent Mr. Flynn, and Facility Manager Dick Wendell for the long time support they have provided to make this important change happen. 

New Staff- We are pleased to be welcoming several new members to the Main Street School staff.  Renee Beauregard-Bennett has been hired to be the Special Education Administrator for both MSS and LSS.   She recently received her doctorate in Educational Leadership from New England College (NEC).   Renee previously served as the Student Services Administrator for the Windham School District.  She has taught courses at NEC on a variety of topics including special education law.


    Elizabeth McCombs is our new librarian. She brings to MSS her experience as both a music teacher and librarian.  For the past fifteen years she has worked for the Manchester Public Schools. She is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where she received her masters in School Library and Information Technologies. 


   Nicole Bell has joined our second grade teaching staff.    Nicole has a long history of being connected to MSS.  She has volunteered and worked at the school for close to ten years.    This past year Nicole completed a dual certification in both general education and special education. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and her Masters in Education at UNH.


     Suzanne Bessemer will be working as a Special Education Para professional.  Sue is a UNH graduate and worked for many years at Stratham Memorial School.  She was the recipient of the SAU 16 Champion for Children’s award.

     We are pleased to welcome back Pam Pufahl as a Special Education Para professional.  Pam worked at MSS for three years and then entered the business world.


Full Day Kindergarten- You can anticipate hearing a great deal this coming school year about the work that is being done to bring Full Day Kindergarten to Main Street School.  It is our belief that the implementation of a Full Day Kindergarten is a necessary part of a high-quality education program for all students and should be implemented in the Exeter School District as soon as possible.  In order for full day Kindergarten to be implemented in Exeter we will need to add an addition to MSS.  I look forward to sharing with you the building plans for the proposed addition and talking more about why this is an important change for MSS at our first Open House on September 17th. 


First Day:  Please note that we will be greeting Kindergarten students on the black top area next to the school during the first week of school and we will be greeting first and second grade students on the lower blacktop area and woodchip area.  Teachers will have signs with their names the first day to help children locate them.


Please find listed below some important upcoming dates.  I am thrilled to be beginning the school year with you and your child.



                                                                                                Steve Adler


Upcoming Dates:

No School- Friday, September 4

Volunteer Training/PTO Meeting- Tuesday, September 15 (8:45am)

Curriculum Open House: Thursday, September 17 (6:00 - 7:30 pm)

Early Release Day- Wednesday, September 23 (Dismissal is at 12:45 pm)

Math Fact Volunteer Training- Monday, September 28 (2:00-3:00 pm)

Picture Day- Friday, October 2





Tribute to Diane Taylor

At the end of school assembly a group of teachers performed "I'm All About the Books" in honor of Diane Taylor retiring as MSS Librarian.

Follow this link to view the video.

No Flip Flops or Open-toed Shoes Permitted

No Flip FlopsNew for 2015-2016!
In order to keep our students safe,  flip flops and/or open-toed shoes are not permitted for students to wear to school. 


Elaine Thurston and Carmen Antal Honored for 30+ Years of Service!

Main Street School students and staff were pleased to honor two special cafeteria staff members on Wednesday, January 4th for their 30+ years of service to the district.  A BIG thank you to Carmen Antal and Elaine Thurston for their many years of service as well as their dedication and support to the students of Main Street School.  These ladies go above and beyond to help make Main Street such a special place! 


Hero Badge System - School Visitor Check In System


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Exeter, New Hampshire   03833

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Hero Badge System - School Visitor Check In System

                                                                        December 22, 2014

 Dear MSS Families,

      All SAU schools and offices are adopting a new check in system to increase safety protocols in our schools.  The SAU 16 has adopted a visitor tag program called the Hero Badge System. All visitors that come to our school, and need access past the main office, will need to wear a visitor tag that includes your name and printed photo.  In order to receive this tag we are asking visitors to MSS to bring a driver’s license into the office starting January 5th.    If you don’t have your license with you, we will ask that you provide some other form of ID, your name, and birth date.  Our system for dropping off students who are late will also change and any student who is late will need to be dropped off in the front office.   It will take time to enter in the data about each visitor. There are many of you who we know well and easily recognize.  Please understand that it is expected that every visitor be required to wear a visitor badge.  We thank you in advance for your patience as we adopt this new protocol.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this additional security practice. 

                                                                        Yours truly,
                                                                       Steve Adler

P.S. – When we have special events involving large numbers of visitors, such as last Friday’s kindergarten concert, it will not be feasible for us to provide the printed ID badges.  We will continue to use the preprinted visitor ticket for those special events. 


Our mission:
To provide a positive, safe learning environment that fosters a life-long love of learning for all with respect for individual strengths and needs.