Virtual Tour

Welcome to Main Street School in Exeter, NH!

In this section,

Join us on a tour of the buildings.

Find out about the services we offer.

See what kind of special programs we offer.

Meet staff members who work with all children.

1. Good Morning!

Here is Mr. Adler, our school principal, greeting students as they arrive in the morning. He likes students to know how welcome they are to Main Street School. The main entrance for cars dropping off students is a horseshoe. It is extremely important that parents are aware of pulling into the horseshoe and dropping off their children in a timely, safe manner, while watching the traffic around them.

2. We're Here....

Buses drop off students in the lower parking lot, where they are greeted by a teacher. Students then enjoy recess before school begins.

3. Let's Get Started!

The formal school day begins at 8:30 am. Students may arrive as early as 8:10 when there is adult supervision on the playground. Students begin the day with announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

4. And Now for a Break...

Our cafeteria at Main Street School is held in the gymnasium and this is a busy place! Click here to get the latest menu.

The playground at Main Street School is a popular place. Recess is held before school, during the morning, and after lunch. We go outside every day, unless the weather is unfavorable.

5. That Was Great!

At the end of the day, students board buses for home. Buses drive through the access road to Lincoln Street School, where they pick up many of our brothers and sisters.