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Besides the principal, assistant principal, and teachers, students will come into contact with many staff members during their daily activities at Main Street School. Here are a few people who can be their helpers and their friends.

Ms. Kyle and Ms. Karam are the Administrative Secretaries in the main office, Mr. Adler and Ms. Cadorette also have their offices here. Parents need to be sure to check in at the main office when they enter the building, as all visitors are required to sign in and wear a visitor sticker.

Mrs. Graham is our Attendance and Health Office Secretary. If a child is to arrive to school later than 8:30, or if a child will be absent, the parent must call Mrs.Graham (775-8954) prior to that time. If a call is not made, we will attempt to call home looking for the child. If we are unable to make contact with a parent or guardian, the Exeter Police Department will help by driving over to the house to check on the child’s safety.

Denise Raisanen is the school's nurse. She not only is trained in helping students who are sick or injured, she also assists with screening tests, dispensing medications, and providing information to students, parents, and staff members. To speak with Mrs. Raisanen, you may call 775-8948.

Health forms you may need can be downloaded from the SAU16 website: Physician's Request for Medication Administration, Parental Form for Dispensing of Medication, and a Physical Form.

Our school has a Guidance Counselor, Ms. Comer, who visits with individual students and also works in the classroom.

We have a beautiful library at Main Street School. Librarian, Ms. Kirwin welcomes students, parents, and staff to the library. Kids enjoy listening to Ms. Kirwin read stories, finding information on the computers, and browsing through books.

Mrs. Kirwin's assistant, Mrs. McQueen is always glad to help children find and check out books and to show them computer programs on the library computers.

We also hold gym class in the multipurpose room. Ms. Kearns, Mr. Dussol and Ms. Clemons are our physcial education teachers. They love to teach all kinds of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Meet Ms. Bird, our art teacher. She has great projects for her students.

Meet Juliet Goyette, our music teacher.