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Principal's March 2016 Newsletter

                                                                                                            March 4, 2016

Dear Main Street School Families,


Welcome back everyone from your February break.  If you are a snow hound and love skiing, tubing, or simply walking in the snow, I hope you were able to find a chance to enjoy your passion outdoors.  


Jump Rope for Heart- The Jump Rope for Heart program was a huge success on multiple levels.  In addition to the students having fun participating in this program, we raised $5,107 for the American Heart Association.  Thank you for your support of this program. 

Full Day Kindergarten

What is being proposed?

-       The proposal is to build an eight-room addition to MSS to provide Full Day Kindergarten for all Exeter Students.  The addition would be two stories built along the existing gym. 

-       Some additional renovations would also be done to update classrooms to meet current standards for kindergarten classrooms, which include having bathrooms in all Kindergarten classrooms.

-       Other current space needs would also be addressed by this proposal including updating the elevator entrance on the second floor so that it doesn’t go directly into a classroom and by providing some additional learning spaces for students with significant needs who sometimes benefit from having time outside of the classroom.

 Why are we doing this now?

-       We are striving to maintain the quality of our community through top-notch education.

-       The school board has set as one of its goals for several years the study of Full Day Kindergarten and has charged a committee to collect research and information about the value of Full Day Kindergarten. 

-       Two parent surveys were completed on Full Day Kindergarten.  In the spring of 2013 79% of parents wanted Full Day Kindergarten 

-       Full Day Kindergarten would provide more time for student learning in a variety of ways including:

o    More time for creative learning;

o   More time to learn foundational skills;

o    More time to learn and explore other subjects such as health, science, social studies and the related arts;

o   More opportunity for peer interaction and support for social skill development;

o   More time to spend with students in small group and individually to support developmentally appropriate learning strategies.

-       Exeter has maintained steady student enrollment for many years and does not expect to see the decline in enrollment experienced by other surrounding towns. This is the result of Exeter maintaining an affordable housing market that makes it an attractive place to live for young families.

 What is the cost estimate for the addition and renovations?

-       The addition and renovations are estimated to cost approximately $5.4 Million

-       The estimated impact on the tax rate will vary between $.41-$.31 per $1000 house value over the ten year term of the bond.

 Voting on all Exeter School District warrant articles will be Tuesday, March 8th at the Talbot Gym at Linden Street from 7:00 am to 8:00pm. 

 I greatly appreciate the time and care that the Exeter School Board and the school staff has taken to create this proposal and again encourage people to take the time to vote.  If you have any questions about this proposal, please feel free to contact me.


                                                                                                            Yours truly,

                                                                                                             Steve Adler


Principal's February 2016 Newsletter

                                                                                                            February 15, 2016

Dear Main Street School Families,


  The month of February has brought several enjoyable celebrations at MSS including the recognition of the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day.  We have also enjoyed participating in the Jump Rope for Heart program.  I wish you all a wonderful February break next week.    


Kindergarten Orientation and Registration for the 2016-2017 School Year-  This Thursday, February 18th, we will be having an information and registration night for the parents of children who will be turning five by September 30th and entering Kindergarten in 2016-2017.  Starting at 6:00 pm parents will have a chance to visit kindergarten classrooms and then there will be a presentation in the gym that starts at 6:30 pm. In the event of inclement weather we will have this orientation and registration evening on March 3rd.   Registration packets may be picked up now at Main Street School or picked up on the evening of February 18th.  We look forward to greeting the parents of next year’s Kindergarten class.

Snow Gear: The arrival of snow has increased our recess options.  When the conditions permit we use both the blacktop area and the lower playing field for recess.  Students who bring proper snow gear that includes snow pants, boots, a jacket, a hat, and gloves are allowed to play on the snowy field and build snow structures or snow people.  Students who don’t have snow gear or prefer not to play in the snow have a variety of activities they can select to play on the black top area.  Some of the options children enjoy include tag, jump roping, wall ball, using the foot print path, or playing in the sandbox with the trucks.  Please know that we expect that students will come to school dressed warmly and be prepared to play on the playground during recess on days that are eighteen degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Lost and Found- The plastic bin in the gym that serves as our lost and found will have its contents displayed this week during lunch.  We hope to be able to return the many collected items to their original owners. 

                                                                                                            Yours truly,

                                                                                                            Steve Adler


November Open Circle Luncheon

Main Street School students and staff celebrated “Hat Day” on Friday, November 20th in return for a small monetary donation to the Exeter Chamber Children’s Fund campaign called, “Kids Helping Kids.”  The donations will be used to purchase warm clothing and blankets for students in the greater Exeter region.  The students pictured here were honored during an Open Circle Luncheon on this day for their problem solving skills.

MSS Buddy Benches

Three buddy benches have been added to the MSS playground to support prosocial behavior in our students by emphasizing inclusion, empathy, sharing, and compassion.  We have taught the children that the buddy benches at MSS serve several  purposes. They are a place where someone new to the school can meet someone and make a new friend.  If someone's friend is not in school, they are a place to make new friends.  Sometimes children want to play something different and want to join a new group. The buddy benches can also be a place where friends can sit and resolve problems. The three benches we have installed have been placed in honor of the service Kindergarten teacher Susan Drinker gave to MSS, and for the many hours of volunteer work Lisa Chichester provided to the students at MSS.