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Speech & Language Links

- Visit Caroline Bowen's Home Page for great Speech-Language information
- Listen to Dr. Mel Levine and Dr. Katherine Butler discuss language as a critical tool for learning and also an outcome of learning at the All Kinds of Minds website. This is the most comprehensive site I have found which addresses learning strengths and weaknesses and how we can help all students succeed in school by understanding what kind of a mind they have. This site has an incredible amount of information and is a "must visit" for any parent and professional who wants to understand how all children learn. There is a wealth of strategies and activities presented in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner.
- Learning Disabilities On-Line has information, resources and activities for parents, children and professionals
- Ellen Gardner's Speech Source is a comprehensive guide to information and activities related to speech, language and hearing issues
- TheUNH Department of Communication Disorders has information on its undergraduate and graduate programs as well as services offered through its Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
- Apraxia-KIDSSM - is a wonderful "source for reliable and comprehensive information about Childhood Apraxia of Speech for families, professionals and all those who care about a child with apraxia".
- The Stuttering Foundation Website offers a wealth of information and resources including very inexpensive books, brochures and videotapes
- There is a wealth of information and activities related to Sign Language on the Internet. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • At Adventures in Singing and Signing With Gaia! you can learn the sign of the month, decode the message of the month, download a music video, join the Kid Sign Club and check out dozens of great links.
  • Look up signs and "read" a video story at the The Sign Language Dictionary web site.
  • At ASL Fingerspelling you can learn to sign the alphabet, type in a word to see what it looks like when it is fingerspelled and even download a fingerspelling program to your Macintosh computer (Windows version coming
  • Download the American Sign Language font at The Yamada Language Center and then turn what you type into fingerspelling. This is great for making your name in sign language or writing secret messages!
- Learn how your ear (and the rest of your body) works at KidsHealth. This site has great animations.
- Neuroscience for Kids - The Ear also has information and illustrations of the ear, how we hear, noise levels and more.
- Inner Learning On-Line has an animation of how the mouth and ear work, interactive graphics of the mouth as well as a wealth of information, graphics and animations of the human anatomy.
- Word Retrieval Activities for Children has lots of great activities you can do at home which will promote vocabulary skills and word retrieval (it is part of Caroline Bowen's site but deserves its own link).