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APPitic - APPitic is a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. These apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.

The Single iPad Classroom - tips for using one iPad in an elementary classroom

Recommended iPad Apps

MSS and LSS are using iPads for enhancement of instruction in various areas.  This is a list of recommended apps and is a work in progress. These guidelines pertain to all use of iPads (school owned or personal) with students.

Recommended Apps

Download an App form here.

While this is not an exhaustive list, apps on this list are recommended for use with students and have been evaluated through the App checklist below.

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________
School: EDP MSS LSS iPad #(s) ____________________________________________
____ Existing App ____ New App Price $__________ ______ # of Apps requested
The Mobile App Review Checklist
Overview: App Title:___________________________________________________________
Is it already on our Recommended App List? _____Yes _____ No (STOP HERE if “Yes”)
App Publisher/Developer: ____________________________________
Version: ____________________________________
Link to App Store: ____________________________________
Curriculum Compliance
• Yes/ No - Is it relevant to the curriculum framework?
• Please provide and example. _____________________________________________________
1. Yes/ No - Is navigation easy? For example, index, contents, menus, clear icons
2. Yes/ No - Is on-screen help and/or tutorial available?
3. Yes/ No - Does it have multiple ability levels?
4. Yes/ No - How does it respond to errors? For example, incorrect spelling.
5. Yes/ No - Are there audio/video options with controls?
6. Yes/ No - Can selected material be tagged, copied, pasted, saved, and printed?
7. Yes/ No - Does it keep a history of the user's work over a period of time?
8. Yes/ No - Features that address special needs? E.g. physical, aural, visual, ESL.
9. Yes/ No - What support materials are included? For example, online resources, booklet, lesson
plans, student worksheets?
1. Yes/ No - Does the material accommodate diverse ways in which students learn?
2. Yes/ No - Is it developmentally and age appropriate?
3. Yes/ No - Does it provide an opportunity to increase students' understanding?
4. Yes/ No - Does it provide an opportunity for higher order thinking?
5. Yes/ No - Does it provide an opportunity for engagement and interaction?
6. Yes/ No - Does it provide opportunity for collaborative practice & idea sharing?
7. Yes/ No - Does it promote creativity and imagination?
8. Yes/ No - Does it provide an opportunity for problem solving?
9. Yes/ No - Does it provide feedback and assessment?
adapted from App ReviewRubric Courtesy of Palm Beach County Schools & Edudemic.com

Tux Paint and Tux Typing Downloads

Parents can download Tux Paint and Tux Typing for Free at

Tux Typing - http://tux_typing.en.softonic.com/download

Tux Paint - http://www.tuxpaint.org/download/

Tux Paint - Be sure to download the program and the Stamps!

Tux Typing - Familiarizes students with letter location on the keyboard.  Tux Type helps students in the years prior to third grade. In third through fifth grades students have a paid subscription to Typing Pal where they will learn correct finger placement and keyboarding skills.

Try these fun, free programs! An Internet connection is only needed to download the program. Once downloaded, it plays from your harddrive.

Enjoy and have fun!


Teachers use Moodle to put class information online.

You can get your log in and password information from your teacher.

Click here to go to the Moodle site.


Click here to download Firefox for use with Moodle. Also, see Firefox Info.